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Plastic envelopes DaklaPack has a wide range of exceptional plastic envelopes . Plastic envelopes are light and sustainable. They are actually lighter and more sustainable than paper envelopes. The environmental burden due to the use of costly raw materials is lower. Less energy and raw materials are needed to produce a plastic envelope than to produce a comparable paper envelope! Exceptional plastic envelopes The plastic envelopes are SnazzyBags, SnazzyBubble envelopes, beautiful SilkBag envelopes for effective mailshots. Transparent Top Tac and even BIO TopTac envelopes for delivering magazines and newspapers, handy Docubags and BIO docubags for secure storage of documents. And finally, light and strong Coverplus envelopes for ensuring that postal items arrive at their destination safely. Tailor-made plastic envelopes DaklaPack can also provide printing of colors or text on envelopes. Give your creativity free reign and design your own envelopes. Let DaklaPack bring your idea to reality and create tailor-made envelopes. Visit our tailor-made page for more ideas. And if you don't want to realize the mailshot yourself, we can also take care of the Direct Mail process for you. Visit the Direct Mail page for more details.

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