Successfully active in medical

Clinical Trials

DaklaPack has been successfully active in medical packaging since 1975.
In addition to packaging, since 1999 we have also supplied a number
of additional services which can help you during a trial.
DaklaPack has performed various population studies or
screenings, gaining experience which can be used in the
logistical support for Clinical Trials.


After all, the reliability of the results of your medical
study have a one-to-one relationship with the
care with which the study material is collected, the way in which it
is stored and transported after collection, and the time which passes between
collection and arrival at the laboratory. Commissioning parties for
trials look at aspects such as the care with which clinical trials
are organised, administered and reported when awarding projects.


Logistics and shipping

The quality of the patient material is dependent on many different factors, and this has a direct influence on the quality of your trial. The right mailing method is therefore essential for good diagnostics. But that is not the only aspect which many researchers face. They often have insufficient knowledge of the possibilities regarding the statutory requirements for logistics which apply to large-scale medical research. As a result, there are often immediately ‘teething problems’ which cause unnecessary delays.DaklaPack Europe has a wealth of experience in this area and can help researchers get more grip on the initial phase of their research. This not only involves knowledge of the right storage and transport material (UN approved packaging), but also effective support during the invitation process, the response processing, compiling medical packages and sending diagnostic samples and category B
biological materials.


A good example is the successful chlamydia screening clinical trial by a number of Municipal Health Services in cooperation with SOA Aids Nederland and the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection. This involved tests being delivered to and collected from around 50,000 participants for a number of years, and brought to the laboratory.

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