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systainer® trolly & transport

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TANOS® medical - systainer® 

DaklaPacks pre-selected range of Tanos systainer products - made available from stock in our European warehouse -  Safe and reliable shipping solutions and fully compliant! Call us for assistance, or fill in the contact form for expert advice.

Security and reliability in transportation and handling are essential in the medical field.

A systainer® is the right choice, anywhere and anytime - combined with DaklaPacks consumables - a complete closed loop shipping solution!

Each systainer® stands out by using high-quality ABS material and offers unbeatable properties:

  • Shock-resistant
  • Dimensionally stable in hot and cold conditions
  • Protected against dust and moisture
  • High chemical resistance to many diluted acids and bases, saturated hydrocarbons and gasoline
  • Weather resistance

Insulated systainer®

systainer® products are very well suited for secure transportation of biological materials (category B) with material number UN 3373, such as diagnostic samples. The systainer® has been tested by an independent testing institution in a specified configuration with a variety of packaging components (primary, secondary packaging, ...) as rigid external packaging according to the packaging instructions P 650 (ADR).

EPP insert

The EPP insert stands out for extreme stability, and can easily be cleaned in an industrial dishwasher. Our EPP inserts have a groove on both sides for mounting separators if desired to insert cold packs on both sides – preventing the possibility of the cold packs coming into contact with the samples.

Better safe than sorry

There is a locking closure integrated directly on the Systainer³ (Theft Tag).

  • Contents are locked and secure with just a single movement.
  • Products can no longer be removed.
  • An essential feature for sealing medical testing materials and other sensitive contents
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