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DaklaPack are specialist producers of high barrier plastic and paper flexible packaging. Packaging to pack food, sports nutrition, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products chemicals, solvents, and paints.

We offer an extension range of pre-made pouches in a large range of sizes colours and a variety of different foil types from transparent, to kraft paper to ultra high barrier aluminium laminates. 

available off the shelf from just 100 pieces per size! 

DaklaPack are leaders in innovation.

We develop unique flexible packaging solutions - we think outside of the box

With our expert knowledge own production and innovation department – we can turn your problem into a solution and hand in hand guide you through from concept to full scale automated production.

DaklaPack takes your problems and provides only solutions.

We combine our 47+ years of plastic packaging knowhow with sustainable materials, recyclable foils, high barrier non permeable multi-layer laminates and combine them with unique dispensing solutions.

DaklaPack is Europe’s first to enter the marketplace with mono materials! Producing traditional stand-up pouches / DOYPACKS from just 1 type of raw material – We provide reliable solutions which allow consumers to directly deposit the mono foil / mono polymer packaging directly into recognized recycle streams.

DaklaPack supports and continues to contribute to a circular economy and advises always where possible solutions and advice to switch from traditional multi layers to mono material solutions.

DaklaPack can offer a full turnkey solution and is non reliant on third parties during the production process – we extrude, we print, we laminate, we convert + finally we are able to utilize our sophisticated automated machinery with unique dispensing solutions to produce flexible packaging solutions to replace voluminous rigid containers pots and bottles.

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