Inventory management and shipping


In addition to the production and sale of a wide range of packaging and en
shipping solutions, we offer various additional services. One
example of an additional service is logistics.

Warehousing covers the following matters;

  • Receiving customer-specific products, semi-manufactured
    goods or completed product in our warehouse
  • Keeping a stock of the above products
  • Repackaging goods and palletizing them
  • Inventory management with accompanying reports
  • Reordering/producing products
  • Order picking
  • Handing over shipments to international/national carrier
    with competitive rates
  • Telephone helpdesk for third-party customers

We deliver more than 2000 orders internationally each month. Savings are often possible, just on the basis of our shipping rates. We have more
than 5000 pallet places available in our warehouse.

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