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Medical Packaging + UN3373




Medical packaging and products for mailing diagnostic samples have very specific requirements. DaklaPack supplies a specialized range which fully meets international regulations and mail companies’ requirements.

DaklaPack places the highest value on the safety, ease of use and reliability of its medical postal packaging and similar products. We look forward to supporting you in finding the right packaging for your specific purposes.

In addition to delivering medical packaging from stock, DaklaPack can also create custom medical packaging. This can include printing your logo on packaging, special printing of instructions or your characteristics. Visit the Tailor Made showroom and be inspired by the examples.

A wide range of UN3373 P650 + P620 packaging kits & materials for the safe and reliable transport of medical diagnostic specimens. Whether it be kits to comply with ADR or IATA packaging regulations DaklaPack has got you covered! We have pre-compiled kits readily available from stock for the safe transport of blood samples, urine, faeces, and swabs both dry and with buffer medium.

DaklaPack also offers a range of collection devices for the safe and easy collection of urine, blood and faeces we can also supply you with a complete turnkey solution and offer the full kitting services, fully bespoke packaging along with distribution of kits to the participants / patients.

Should you not be able to find what you are looking for or require something more bespoke – please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

For Guidance see Decision tree below.


UN3373 Decision Tree


Tailor Made

Packaging with a print, in a different size or a design according to your own preferences.

DaklaPack is experienced in developing bespoke solutions in the various areas of our expertise such as medical packaging.

DaklaPack's Showroom

Clinical Trials

Apart from supplying packaging, DaklaPack offers additional services which complement your organisation's ability to carry out research

DaklaPack has operated various population screenings on a massive scale and the experience gathered enable us to assist you logistically in Clinical Trials.

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Tailor Made

Packaging with a print, in a different size or shaped according to your own preferences

DaklaPack is experienced in developing bespoke solutions in the various areas of our expertise.

Daklapack's Showroom

Clinical Trials

Aside from supplying packaging, DaklaPack offers a number of complementary services which may aid you in doing medical research.

DaklaPack is experienced in carrying out logistics and operations for several massive population screenings and we are offering to share our experience with you. to support your Clinical Trials.

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